What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"We came to Quality Care for some helpful advice. Craig provided that. Even the customer service here is 'good medicine'. We will never go anywhere else!"

"Excellent service."

"Very attentive and friendly!"

"Very pleasant. Fast service. Provides specific details regarding how to use your medication."

"This pharmacy is really wonderful. They really do try to get you a good price."

"Best pharmacy I've ever gone to. Fast, easy, and they made sure I paid the cheapest price. I'm never going anywhere else."

"Great personal care. Know their clients well. Gives exceptional service."

"Absolutely love this pharmacy! You are in and out within minutes. The pharmacists are super friendly. They deliver for free, if needed. I won’t ever go anywhere else."

"Craig and his team always go above and beyond, and they’re the best priced pharmacy that my family has found. Thank you guys!"

"Dr. Craig is incredible. He has always gone above and beyond to help my family in every way possible. My husband and I will never go anywhere else. Please support this business to keep incredible companies like this alive and thriving!"

"This is the best pharmacy I have ever used! I would drive an hour just to use them, if I had to! They truly care about their customers! Thank you Quality Care!"

"Used Quality Care for the first time and will continue to use them for the whole family from now on. They had my medicine delivered to me with the best customer service from start to end. Thank you so much Quality Care!!"

"Everyone is so professional and caring. If you can't pick up your prescription, they will deliver it to you. I highly recommend Quality Care to all my family and friends."

"Every facet of what they do is thoughtful. Communication is very courteous and professional. It is the epitome of what excellent service should be."

"Treats you special. They are very efficient, and a pleasure to deal with. Quality is the best! If you haven't used them, you're missing out!"

"Craig and staff are outstanding. So helpful and informative. Great prices too!"

"My favorite pharmacy! Prices are very fair and service amazing! They can deliver if needed. Highly recommend!"

"It's so nice that you have a personable staff that focuses on customer service and treating people, like people. Very appreciative of them!"

"Craig is great! He's been my pharmacist since before he opened his own pharmacy, and he never once made me feel unwanted or judged. Hands down, the best pharmacy in Texas!"

You can help Quality Care by leaving a great review on Google - thank you!